2018 RRATF Race Results Are Here!


Wow! Between the creativity and hard work displayed by the rafters, the enthusiasm of the spectators, and the teamwork of local businesses and other groups — what a fantastic day on the Rock River! The weather was balmy for mid-August and the sun peeked through the clouds, brews flowed on the dock at Prairie Street Brewhouse as the music played. Without further ado, the 2018 Race Results:

DIY Division

  1. Slumberin Sloth - 00:24:37

  2. Fehr Graham - 00:38:32

  3. H20 Express - 00:51:21

Hulled Division

  1. Broken Bone - 00:17:11

  2. Danimal / Powder Monkey - 00:32:07

  3. Meiborg - 00:44:47

People's Choice

  1. Spirit of Survival - 456 votes

  2. Nintendo - 215 votes

  3. Team Maldanado - 194 votes

Judges Choice: 425 Manufacturing

You can view the full list of all the race times here. To everyone who participated, we want to say thank you for helping make 2018 another awesome year for the Rock River Anything That Floats Race!