Get a Fast Duck! Guest Blog Post

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Sharing a fine blog post by talented Rockford Area Convention & Visitors Bureau Summer Intern Jaclyn Lindquist. Thank you, Jaclyn! 

There are so many ways to participate in the Rock River Anything that Floats Race. I don’t know about you, but I have never crafted my own boat, canoe, kayak, or raft. I try to stick to water crafts that won’t sink! My efforts to support the RRATFR are better on land. This way there will be no causalities from a poorly built raft. However, as an extremely competitive person, I want to be involved in the competition aspect of race day activities. Luckily, I can race my duck!


No, no, no, not a real, living duck, but a little rubber duck! The RRATFR will hold their annual Chuck-a-Duck at 3:30pm, after the raft race, on August 12, 2018. Chuck-a-Duck is a fun, exciting way to get involved in the race while keeping two feet on land. 


How does chuck-a-duck work? Glad you asked! All ducks are loaded into a large crate on race day and carried on a truck to the Whitman Street Bridge. After a countdown, the ducks are released from a cage and drop into the Rock River below. The ducks then float their way down the river until they reach the Prairie Street Brewhouse. The first twenty ducks to cross the finish line, win a prize. Well, the ducks don’t win the prize, YOU win the prize! Each duck has a number written on the bottom that corresponds to the name of the duck’s owner. So, while putting in no work at all, you could win a cash prize of $1,000, $500, or $250 or other valuable prizes provided by the Rockford IceHogs!


Where can I get my duck? Excellent question! Ducks can be purchased all over Rockford. Of course, ducks will be sold on RRATFR day, but if you want to think ahead, ducks are sold at City Market at the   B-103 Radio Station booth, Prairie Street Brewing Co, BMO Harris Bank Center Box Office and all Rock Valley Credit Union locations. Ducks are sold for $5 each, but don’t let your duck float alone when you can purchase five ducks for $20! For every you duck you purchase, the better chance you have at winning one of the prizes.


Ducks can be purchased by anyone and would also make a great gift! Even if you are building a raft with your crew, you can be an overachiever and purchase ducks too. Besides, if your raft doesn’t win, you can always fall back on your faithful duck. Buy your ducks today!